What is "true(r)" love?

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  1. Whether you believe in "true love" or not, I've talked to different people about this topic lately and I've heard two quite different opinions from different folks. What do you think about it?

    Is it "true love" to be willing to only love and stay with one single person for the rest of your life, under the condition that you never betray each other, that you're never unfaithful? Lets assume your partner is unfaithful, can you say you still truly love him or her if you can't forgive and decide to break up forever because of that? The trust is gone, is love without trust still love?

    Or is it only "true love" if you've willing to forgive and forget that your partner was unfaithful and you still only want to be with that person for the rest of your life, no matter what? Is only unconditional love "true love"?

    In my opinion, being unfaithful if both have agreed to not do such a primitive act to each other, to not hurt each other like that, is a betrayal. A person can't say to love the partner and then do something like that. If that happens then the love wasn't strong enough. That being said, being able to forgive does mean that the love is insanely strong and real.

    If you don't believe in love at all, if you think it doesn't exist or it's stupid, or if you want to mention "open relationships" and similar concepts, sure, you can share such opinions too of course, but I'd prefer on-topic comments. What do you think?
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    true love? is somebody you don't lie to, even when the truth hurts. that's all it is to me.
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  3. I agree, telling them the truth, no matter how painful it is, that is a sign of trust. It's definitely important.

    However, more concretely, what is the right thing to do when your partner is unfaithful? My girlfriends have never been unfaithful, my current one isn't either, at least not as far as I know, and I know I'll never be unfaithful, but I'm still thinking about the "what if?". Is it only "true love" if I'd be willing to forgive her or am I right in thinking that she wouldn't deserve my forgiveness, because I love her and yet she betrayed my trust in her? But if I can't forgive her, does that mean I don't "truly" love her? I don't know.
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    I don't believe I could ever forgive anyone who cheated on me. I'd have to end the relationship no matter how much I loved the person. I would have to, since I feel I honestly could never trust or respect that human the way that is needed, for a relationship to work.
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  5. I agree, I see it the same way. Some people have argued with me though and said: "Well, but if you can forgive no matter what your partner does, THEN you really and truly love her."

    Well, yes I guess, that is indeed "unconditional love", but why would you love such a person? You love someone who clearly doesn't respect you. To me that's foolish. So I'd say that "love with certain conditions" is (also) "true love".
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