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The last time we play this stupid ass game

Discussion in 'Modern Archives' started by Pika, 17 Dec 2015.

  1. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

    a win is a win. you can't say it's only a half
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  2. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    no you see he only used the hold of the win, not the press
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  3. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

    A wild SAX appeared!
    I was American Mario the whole time.
    mac wins 3-2
    i win 3-1, sax suggests prism tower be banned in all future tournaments
    i win 3-2
    i win 3-1
    sax can't handle the wind cape
    they all said i would lose
  4. Shotobros Can we rock? What's up doc?

    Late post:
    So I won against blue in all three sets I did with her.
    I was Mac for the first two and she was Marth for all of them
    The first match was close, but I manage to get by with only one stock left
    The second match didn't go much in her favor as it was swiftly mine
    The third match was Roy v Marth. On Boxing Ring. Blue did her best, but golden justice was dispensed.
    Current post:
    Also fuck you Mario and your wind cape.

    ROUND 1: Omega Reset Bomb Forest
    okay maybe this might be a sign I'm well over due for my ass kickings. I took two of its stock and then it took all of mine.
    tables were turned. It nearly won again. But I battle to the top until my life ends. 3 stocks taken from the Marth, 2 taken from me.
    another close call. However, it's five seconds to the bell then I'm fucking your ass up. Marth took two stocks but I took his life. All three of them.
    Round 4: THE DREAM FIGHT
    I'm not going down like some punk, bitch. Ruined my three stock, but I made sure the Luigi wasn't avenged. Mario, if we fight again, I'm making my runback. I lost only one stock.
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  5. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    customs are retarded why did i let them be on

    also by the way maybe you should've like stopped picking mac when he had a bullshit custom that countered mac's recovery entirely
  6. Jo The Manliest Man In About A 500 Mile Radius

    Customs aren't retarded if I beat Mario 3-0.

    Salty piece of shit.

    I'd spoiler it but it's actually really simple.
    I used Bayo, he used American Mario.

    Umbra Clock Tower, I won.
    Prism Tower, I won.
    Tortimer Island, I 3-stocked him.

    In the second round the disrespect levels were high on both fronts, though. I saved the replay because it's actually pretty awesome, so if you want to see it PM me and i'll give it to you.
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  7. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    minty fresh corn vs unlicensed doctor

    spoilers: i won

    umbra clock tower

    arena ferox

  8. Jo The Manliest Man In About A 500 Mile Radius

    Smash crashed when I tried to send the replay so I just posted it. You all have my friend code, you can check for it and download on your own time.

    I would just like to point out though, that I've cleanly swept everyone I got to thus far.

    @MissingNumbers, @DB or @Læva,

    You know what's coming.

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  9. French Rocks Definitely Banned

    Wow I performed better as Marth than Roy and actually beat Mario with 2 stocks left.
    I only begun practicing with marth against Lvl 9 CPUs yesterday after the matches.
    What the fuck?
  10. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    it's because marth has regained his Better Than Roy status because he got range back
  11. Jo The Manliest Man In About A 500 Mile Radius

    roy's still better than marth though lol
  12. DataBase licensed meme machine

    db vs mizino
    honestly not going to bother with the spoilers because lazy

    Round 1: Mega Man vs Pac-Man, Gaur Plain Omega, I win 3-2.
    Round 2: Cloud vs Villager, Arena Ferox Omega, I win 3-2.
    Round 3: Shulk vs Kirby, Suzaku Castle Omega, I threestock Mizino
  13. Abraham Lincoln The Silliest

    ITT: eureka gets bodied by CF

    I lost to CF's Mewtwo; I was playing Cloud. Wasn't really sure what I expected, so I'm not really surprised. CF takes the match.

    I lost once again to CF's Marth; I was Ganondorf. Knew what I was getting into but still got bodied pretty bad. CF takes the match.

    I lose for the final time to CF's G&W; I was Jigglypuff. Surprisingly close game but I was no match for CF's bacon. CF takes the match.
  14. CHAOS_FANTAZY The Dean

    Look, I'm reporting a score for once.

    Vs. SniperAssassinX

    Round 1: Marth vs. Little Mac (Find Mii Ω)
    I always have a bit of trouble with Mac's super armor, but I think I'm finally learning to play Marth. Chaos wins 3-1.

    Round 2: Little Mac vs. Roy (Flat Zone 2 Ω)
    I don't know what I did, but I won 3-0. I'm not a good Little Mac. I swear.

    Round 3: Mewtwo vs. Ryu (Battlefield)
    A few well-placed Focus Attacks cost me a lot of damage, but after I started reflecting Hadokens, there was little left to do. Chaos wins 3-2.

    If Laeva defeats DB, we can have Grudge Match II: The Grudgening.
  15. Well, this morning was sure a way to wake up. Anyway, before any of us may have gotten our scrambled eggs...
    Two matches.

    Laeva vs DB
    Round 1: Ike vs Megaman

    I start avenging Miz. I fight for him, like I always have. Thanks for getting me into Smash. 1-0

    Round 2: Falco vs Cloud
    3 stocked. Cloud suffers a bit of Little Mac Syndrome. 2-0

    Round 3: Ganondorf vs Ryu
    It ends in Ganoncide. 3-0, revenge sweep.

    Laeva vs Jo. Jo is always Bayonetta.
    Round 1: Real Feels(Shulk)

    I'm not really feeling it today. 0-1

    Round 2: King of Evil(Ganondorf)
    The King keeps his throne. 1-1

    Round 3: Friendly Fighting(Ike)
    Without my earlier rage, my fight for my friends has diminished. 1-2

    Round 4: Tactical Play(Robin)
    I give Bayonetta a travel guide to the blast zone. 2-2

    Round 5: Tactical Grudge(Robin)
    Jo manages to keep two stocks. He wins, 2-3
  16. Meg Cheesemeister

    if you're reading this, blue, i highly apologize for making you so mad.

    meg vs blue

    megaman (me) vs marth.
    wily castle omega.
    i took this round, 1-0.
    megaman vs marth again.
    arena ferox omega.
    i took this round again. 2-0.
    megaman vs jigglypuff.
    jungle japes omega.
    you know what comes next. 3-0.
  17. Jo The Manliest Man In About A 500 Mile Radius

    my streak was broken, but it doesn't matter because i'm still in the winner's finals
    i don't have to eat my own words after all

    still the best

  18. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    what comes next is that when blue loses to you there's always a remat- *shot*
  19. renex
    Tyrannical Overlord

    this thread fucked up and the last post isn't showing up.