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The Last Thread

Discussion in 'Spambot Maintenance Facility' started by Improvement, 12 Sep 2017.

  1. One thing leads to another.

    *add dramatic JRPG-music*
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  2. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Heartbeat, heartbreak, you tell me goodbye
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  3. Clippit Office Assistant

    From the beginning, the odds were against you.

    It was only a matter of time until you reached the end.

    You're history!!
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  4. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Literally seven years on this site/part of this community. I've seen a lot of ppl come and go, but I'll always remember the long timers. Not that I'm going anywhere, I'll lurk in the discord. Just reflecting on how long it's actually been, it's crazy.
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  5. A disappearing forum represents shattered memories.

    bad joke Nr. 10:42 completed
  6. Ayright... so NGP+ died like Exploding Rabbit forums too?
  7. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

    not quite the same
    these forums are going down because nobody gives enough of a shit to want to cough up $300
    when er went down lots of people gave a fuck (which is why this forum even exists) and he had the funding to keep it up, he just didn't feel like it made sense for us to be on his site or something
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  8. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    Exploding Rabbit introduced me to Ganymede. Ganymede owns New Game Plus. I associate her with both websites.
    I rewrote this bit to keep things from being too much angry bitching, but the long and short of it is I suffered a lot of emotional and psychological abuse at her hands, for a long time. And while I never realized it before today, being here brings back all the stress, fear, pain, and confusion that went along with that. So if this seems overwhelmingly negative going forward...well I honestly do have a lot of positive feelings too. They're just harder for me to bring to the surface.

    And as much as I loved it in the past, this site...hasn't changed. At all. I used to think it used to be a place for free ideas, but now I realize it's always been an echo chamber for whoever is willing to be the biggest, loudest prick. I just used to be on the "right" side of the echo chamber.
    Not that there weren't still a lot of interesting discussions to be had, but a lot of interesting discussion was shut down by the social leaders, and I was a big part of that. Which, in retrospect, really disgusts me.

    That said...I'm glad I signed up and I'm glad Exploding Rabbit existed. Because for all the pain and misery and shit I had to go through, I got to learn some fun stuff, have some neat discussions, and meet some people that aren't toxic, vicious fuckwits. And then when we moved here we really switched from being ruled by Jay and his rampant, nearly disastrous apathy (he nearly shut down the forums at their most active because "nobody was using them"), to being largely run by Alice who runs the site well-enough, but even then it is ultimately Gany's site.
    To remind everyone, she had no problem abusing her power to change a post by Improvement she didn't like, then turning around and claiming "its not an abuse of power because it's something I did with my power".

    This site and that before it have been privy to a lot of the worst emotions I've felt in my life, a lot of the worst times, and a couple of the worst people. This makes it hard to say, but I really do love the community on Discord. Even when I'm not hanging out on there, it's always a fun place to at least watch. A lot of that is probably because I simply don't associate Ganymede with the Discord server. So I can relax when I'm there.
    But in retrospect, I do appreciate this site. I was able to flex my creativity wantonly and chaotically which was...not a great thing to do, but it did me a lot of good psychologically. I learned about more fantastic art than I can remember, and I was exposed to a lot of (good and bad) opinions.

    That basically sums it up; this site did me a lot of good, but it also opened the floodgate to six years of abject existential horror, among other problems. I can't say I have much affection left for it.
    But I appreciate it. And I am glad for it. And it's been a privilege to witness it's rise and fall, such as I have.
  9. savedArt kyoo

    wow, sounds like you experienced a lot of negativeness
    I hope I wasn't a part of any of that, if I was, I apologize for whatever misbehavior's I may have dealt you.

  10. Fitting soundtrack for the Finale.
  12. I want to apologize aswell. We've had many disagreements over the years and I've most likely been responsible for some of your worse times here too. I'm really sorry if I've ever hurt you with anything I've said or done, but I can assure you, if I have, I've never done it intentionally or with ill will. It's still, at times, quite difficult to not reply to hostility with hostility, but I've certainly started a lot of that myself. Often we don't think enough about how even the seemingly tiniest actions can have disastrous consequences or side effects under the wrong circumstances. Anyway, I've also learned that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so I really hope that even the worst times you've had will be put to good use. The best way to deal with them is to learn everything you can and counter them, just like our immune system. Turn everything negative into something positive as best as you can. It certainly helps me deal with shit, it might help you too.
  13. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    I appreciate the concern, but I want to assure everyone that the only people I have any sort of real negative feelings toward are people that have actually wronged me or caused me stress in real life. It's just that this site let a good handful of them into my life, which is hard to forget. But I don't have any ill-will to Frost, Improvement, or anyone else that didn't personally fuck with me.

    I don't want to name like a full list, but a well-known example is Alias. Alias caused me no end of stress for a solid month or so while I tried to help her find housing, and that's just what broke the camel's back. That is someone I met through this forum that really caused me some trouble.

    But that's really my point...it's things this forum let into my life that sour my opinion of it. But the only people who I have any sort of lasting negativity toward are ones that have been an actual part of my life outside of the forums, and who have wronged me in some way.
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  14. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    That's so brutal and I'm sorry. I'd like to think I didn't contribute to any pain, but I apologize if I have. I'm glad to have met you on the forums DJ.