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Staff Pick Sprite Café+

Discussion in 'Creative Projects' started by DataBase, 21 Nov 2014.

  1. Tried a style, and I think it look... okay?
    Kinda ugly, but whatevs; it's been months since I sprite something so.

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  2. ffffffuck this style

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  3. Stop
    palette time.

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  4. Done with First version of this (even if there's two)

    And I tried to do the thing neo does and I think I messed up somewhere.

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  5. Bloo gaaaayyyy

    No I'm not dead I just legitimately forgot to post here

    [​IMG] Armor I'm working on for Megaman X Synchro
    [​IMG] Jump animation

    [​IMG] I did that the other day mostly for practice
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  6. New NES sprite
    It's Panama Joe from Montezuma's Revenge.
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  7. Rfan The most inactive user on this forum

    You're still active? Huh.
    Also nice sprite.
  8. Bloo gaaaayyyy

    [​IMG] Concept for a game style.
  9. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    that is a very expressive drill
  10. DataBase licensed meme machine

    Oh, right, I made this thread.
    That means I should probably post something, huh?
    Well, uh, in that case...another timeline thing, I guess.
    someone please help me im bad at shading
  11. The style on the 2017 one looks...familiar
  12. DataBase licensed meme machine

    i have no idea what you're talking about
    nope not at all
    no resemblence here.
    no resemblance whatsoever

    yeah this totally 100% original
    because you see
    i have a mouth
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  13. [​IMG] still wip, but getting closer
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  14. [​IMG]

    Just to keep this thread alive, I'll post this dumb thing.
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  15. [​IMG]

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  16. Bloo gaaaayyyy

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  17. Bloo gaaaayyyy

    [​IMG] Dark Souls: 2D edition. Coming to PC and Linux on December 32nd, of 2011-10.

    [​IMG] That's a shitty chair.

    [​IMG] A little Timeline thingy. Took me 4 years to develop this armour. Wow.
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  18. Behold!!! My newest atrocity.
    Can you guess who this is?
  19. DataBase licensed meme machine


    I can't guess it. I think it might be a broken image tag, though?
  20. savedArt kyoo

    yeah I followed the link and Deviant art says it doesn't exist.
  21. Oops i renamed it.

    [​IMG] Here He is.
  22. Yoshi.
    Well This is the last time I'm updating Yoshi.
    He's 3 colors and is 32 pixels tall.
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