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Sounds Like Thread

Discussion in 'Internet & Media' started by Bunnymede Must Die, 22 Nov 2014.

  1. I'm reviving threads from the older history of the forums!

    In this thread, post any music that sounds to you like it belongs in another game, or reminds you of another soundtrack or composer.

    I'm going to start with a piece from the newest Shantae game. Like any Kaufman project, the OST for Shantae invokes a lot of familiar VGM feelings, and is comparable to a wide variety of series and games. That's why I'm starting off with a song that sounds very distinctly like another project of Kaufman's (and which I'm also pretty sure is intentional!)

    Am I crazy, or does this piece absolutely reek of Shovel Knight at points?


    Further goodness: There's another track later in (the final boss theme, in fact) that uses an incredibly similar melody to Spectre Knight's stage.

    It's also worth noting that the final boss of Shantae is a skeletal pirate lord who's been raised from the grave. Pretty much Spectre Knight's specialty. I don't wanna start sounding like that dicknose from TheGameTheorists, but the correlation seems pretty intentional and awesome.

    What musical matchups have you found?

    EDIT: Also I guess it looks like you can only attach two youtube videos to a post? We should fix that.
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  2. savedArt kyoo

    yeah, I was thinking that last night before i went to sleep. BUT I WAS TIRED! so I'm glad you came up with it your own. : 3

    also thanks for putting that shantae thing in the spoiler. since I love that game. but am taking my time with it. and I don't' want spoilers.
    Last edited: 22 Nov 2014
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  3. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

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  4. Oliver completely darkness

    the lower part of un owen was her sounds like it should be in a paper mario game for some reason


    i don't know why
    it reminds me of ttyd
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  5. CowboyJoseph64 Mighty Member 9

    Oh I get it, it's the "Samluar Musiks" thread. I still think cosmic casino Act 2 sounds like cutman's theme.
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  6. Oliver completely darkness

    it also reminds me of something from a metroid game but i can't put my finger on what
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  7. Threxx Disgruntled Musician

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  8. Surey D [ s u͍ ɽ iː ]

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  9. Threxx Disgruntled Musician

  10. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Removed the link to a tweet in the quoted Rey D post, at their request.
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  11. Nat ( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)

    i'm just gonna leave this here

    im aware this was in the old thread dont try to correct me
  12. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

    not very similar but they feel similar somehow
  13. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

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  14. Threxx Disgruntled Musician

    ZUN formerly worked for Taito and you'll find a lot of... blatant references to those games in his music.
  15. crystal_entity You! Yes, YOU!

    Isn't Shadow of the Ninja Natsume?
  16. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

    (start 3:12)

    pretty sure it turns up in other places too, might add said places when i find them
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  17. Threxx Disgruntled Musician

    very late reply but...

  18. crystal_entity You! Yes, YOU!

  19. Oliver completely darkness

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  20. Oliver completely darkness

  21. Jo The Manliest Man In About A 500 Mile Radius

    skip to 2:10
  22. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

    i saw a youtube comment on millennial fair comparing it to icirrus city from pokemon black and white
    i think that's a bit of a stretch personally but alright
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  23. Jo The Manliest Man In About A 500 Mile Radius

  24. Nat ( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)