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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Dinospy, 12 May 2016.

  1. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Kirkhammer is fun in that tricked mode, landing a hit feels fantastic. I never experimented much with the Stake Driver, I honestly couldn't give a good opinion on it.
  2. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    yeah the kirkhammer is pretty fun

    the stake driver is fun to hit with the charged r2 because iirc it literally makes an explosion
  3. doom Purple Heart is my
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    what happened to spoiler tags around spoilers
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  4. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Whoops, my bad. I went back and spoiler tagged weapon + location spoilers, even if it's after the fact.
  5. Anna Kimly Kitsune Queen

    the stake driver is best for big slow no n boss enemies... its full charge attack pumps out a good 2-3 times a visceral on a crit spot...

    as for best weapons, the cane is one of the single best (especially for starters), it gets a holy bonus on all foul creatures (the fugly deformed things in the game... like the corpse things) and tricked into its serrated whip it gets a beast damage bonus too. as for the special bonuses, they're not outright on the weapons but I think the badges say something about weapons of this order or that order working better on this or that.

    as for the sawcleaver... its pure amazing, basic but destructive...

    for bosses, stack damage bonuses against the type of that boss (usually carry a wep for Kin and a wep for Beasts...) most bosses are generally hard to hurt much unless hitting a weakpoint, personally my weird build somehow works on most pretty well... I carry a church rifle and the holy Ludwig greatsword (not moonlight) for most fights, and my main is the beast claws and beast form, which is how I deal with most bosses and large foes...

    all in all I think its just kind of down to how you fight with what gear. I had a hell of a time with Maria and Gharmen, but the failures the amygdala and Ludwig were not too bad.

    sorry I rambled a bit.
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  6. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    oh boy! here I go killing again

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  7. Anna Kimly Kitsune Queen

    bsb is annoying... too jumpy
  8. Anna Kimly Kitsune Queen

    so I been playin ds3 recently, and I've realized that the spear from CRG is kind of overpowered...
  9. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    aaaaand I took out the shadows in one shot the other day, after losing against them for almost two weeks.

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  10. doom Purple Heart is my
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    i love the kirkhammer

    sometimes you need quick slicey attacks

    sometimes you need to show a motherfucker who's boss.
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  11. Anna Kimly Kitsune Queen

    karateman builds are goofy
  12. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Those patch notes tho

    Ultragreatsword speed up

    Fast builds fucking nerfed

    bleed nerfed

    poision buffed

    heavy armor and weight increased

    I'm actually really excited for more effective ultragreatswords, I love my zwei and claymore.
  13. Anna Kimly Kitsune Queen

    the farron greatsword is so fun, especially when used with a curseward shield... PARRY WITH GREATSWRROD AND GREATSHIELD!!!!!!
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  14. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Going through The Ringed City on my only character, which is NG+3, I had to concede to using a summon for the final boss. Optional boss I haven't seriously attempted solo, but I've been enjoying getting summoned for the fight. I love playing when there's so much activity, I put down a summon sign and it disappears immediately.
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  15. The Fire Fades Edition (GOTY) of Dark Souls 3 is available now.

  16. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    Ordered the Japanese edition, because it comes with the soundtrack, a map and book. US edition gets kinda boring box art and no collectibles (compared to the Japanese and European editions box art)
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  17. doom Purple Heart is my
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    so is ebrietas supposed to be hard?

    because i just killed her first try with no summons

    now im all covered in gunk.

    hey look i caught it on video im the best

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  18. doom Purple Heart is my
    Waifu Heart

    it wasnt aggroed until i hit it but im stupid and mashed the share button

    you can see it under the room but i cant get images off the playstation.
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  19. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    In Old Yharham? Yeah, those little scrappy monsters get stuck in that little area, down that first set of stairs, all the time