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Polishing Sonic Boll Classic

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by renex, 3 Jun 2011.

  1. Knock Knock, it's Knuckles! Small Knuckles Sonic Boll.
    ...or at least part of him, I'm still working on the glide, fall, and climbing sprites.

    Edit: Should I make his gloves bigger?
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  2. MissingNumbers Lv. 000

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  3. renex
    Tyrannical Overlord

    Dude, nice. I often forget to check this place. I was going to do these myself but you've provided a solid piece of art.

    We'll be adjusting these and they should be part of the next release. Thank you!
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  4. Thanks, I used these for SMW hacking and I thought they would look nice in Sonic Boll. No Problem!
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  5. I'll try to do Shadow, Amy, and the others for future installments.
  6. MissingNumbers Lv. 000

    Don't waste your time on that. Trust me.
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  7. Well then, is anybody making a smas smb1 mario skin or a smas smw luigi skin (I have a ready sprite sheet for Luigi!).
  8. CowboyJoseph64 Mighty Member 9

    Someone did a smas smw skin for the planned Luigi character I believe, but there isn't any smas smb1 mario skin to speak of.

    edit: here's the sonic boll discord we use, it's public: https://discord.gg/3dP5bPT

    we pretty much abandoned the forum at this point
  9. Ok.
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