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    here's a shit post of a skin. Sonic over Mario, using only the sprites from Sonic Jam 6.
    and I mean only, because I didn't make any kind of new sprites, just reused them in different areas. Unless you want to count me 70%ing the red sprites so they actually fit.
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    Conker from Conker's Pocket Tales.
    ...this was a very bad idea. Doesn't help I came down with a case of meg.
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  3. Nat ( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)

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    I did a tool-assisted speed run of 1.7 as Tails. Have fun!

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  5. How do you add a skin into a folder and how do you activate it? I am new to adding skins to Sonic Boll 1.6.2/1.6.3
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  7. renex
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    The official documentation only covers 1.7, which is due soonish, but for now you need to place your skins here:


    It should look like this.


  8. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    This isn't finished for reasons that I will get to, but I feel it's a good idea.
    Not much to say about the idea...Metal Sonic over Metal Sonic. I was sort of surprised it wasn't in the game until I tried to make this and I can sort of see what a hassle it is; I had to take a lot of creative liberties.

    Individual elements of note:
    -For space reasons I had to compromise on nearly every special effect I wanted to use; just about all he's got left is the glowing yellow aura that isn't really that prevalent in-game. I'm basically using that glow to represent his "able to damage enemies" state, though I may have gotten a couple things mixed up.
    -Initial form features a color scheme sampled from Sonic2!Mecha Sonic; this is the unpainted, factory-fresh version of a Metal Sonic. With a mushroom you get the snazzy color scheme he's more known for. With a fire flower...well that's why it's unfinished. To represent being at full power, fire flower Metal Sonic uses the red palette seen in one or two of his attack animations; this color scheme is a bitch to implement (if you were wondering why the shoes are green, it's to save me a headache). It's not like it's the hardest thing in the world but I'm lazy.
    -He dies and breaks into a squirrel.

    Just a preview in case anyone has thoughts or suggestions, I'll keep chipping away at it over time.

    EDIT: I realized that with a little copy paste (which I've been using a lot here :V) I could cover some ground pretty quickly, so I threw together a few more red sprites and the spikes for his...spike...attack (I shortened them but they're from the Sonic 2 Mecha Sonic battle).
  9. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    I wasn't happy with the red color scheme. I based it on the way it appeared on his sprite; all the red and yellow (gloves, belly, ears, shoes) becomes blue, while all the blue and grey (most of his body) become red. This worked fine for the small bits, but making most of him red resulting in a lot of ugly splotching (not to mention some other poorly thought out changes, like altering the stripes on his shoes for no real reason).

    So I basically scrapped all of them and started fresh; shockingly, just NOT making the grey parts red saved me a lot of time and (in my opinion) looks a hell of a lot nicer. I retained the old version (where even the grey parts turn red) for the animations where he's flashing/using badnik energy to give it a little more visual drama.

    The only other notable change is that I recolored the spikes to use his palette instead of just using the original Mecha Sonic's sprites. I like the red more because they look more vicious and colorful, but for those who want a more classic look:
    This is another recolor of the spikes, but it uses the grey from Metal Sonic's palette for the spikes, making it more reminiscent of Mecha without introducing a new palette (I try to keep things consistent when I can). If you really want the original colors for the spikes...well there's a post right above this with them, just copy them over on to this.
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  10. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    Alright, first real version of Metal Sonic is done.

    For one thing it's properly in a folder with all the necessary bits. I dunno why I kept forgetting to do that, I knew I had to. Force of habit just took over I guess. It has a sfx folder that appears to have all new sound effects; this is false. I copied over the default ones because I do aim to replace them with Sonic CD sounds, but there seems to be a conspiracy to not let me use my fucking headphones but only when I want to work on this.

    That said, the skin itself saw a couple changes:
    -A few of the ears on the red palette didn't get colored (they should have been blue but were yellow), so I fixed that
    -The old walk cycle looked, in Metalhog's words, "like he is bellydancing", and that is distressingly true. The walk cycle now only uses one frame for the body and two for the jet flame (more like standard Mecha).
    -The turning around sprite is less wacky. He doesn't have any really good frames for that pose, unfortunately, and I feel up to it I might have to make one.

    Also I only put in the grey spikes, since they just look a bit cleaner.

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    It's nice to see a 16 bit skin for mecha sonic. I was gonna make one where it used all of the shading from the sonic 2 sprite, but I'm lazy.
    also, shouldn't metal sonic be spinning in a ball? I'm pretty sure sprites exist for that.
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  12. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    He's never been able to roll as far as I know, although I haven't seen everything Metal can do in every game. This skin was based on his Sonic CD appearance, though, where he definitely couldn't:
    Doc Melonhead ripped it by the way, I'm terrible about crediting sprite rippers unless they outright ask for credit.

    That said, the "flying fireball" is the move I modified into his spin dash animation since that's basically how he uses it in Sonic CD; it boosts him along the ground and he deals damage if you touch him.

    EDIT: You said "sprites exist" not "Metal can canonically turn into a ball"...Now that I think about you make a pretty good point. My only real complaint with this skin is...it isn't overly huge but it's a bit too big for my taste, and stuff like that would actually help a lot.
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    I also feel like the sprite comes off as a bit big, even though in practice, the hit boxes seem to make sense. It should also be noted that the sprites are misaligned.

    oh yeah, and here's ball sprites.
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  14. renex
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    ↑ that'd make a fucking nice sonic skin.
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  15. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    Thanks for the heads up, but I know. I should be more clear, I sort of lied when I said it was a "finished" version; I just meant it had the info.txt and sound effects included, not that I was done tweaking it (I actually keep finding more and more coloring issues with the red palette...it's been some trouble).

    As for the sprites, I appreciate them! I usually don't think to use non-canon sources like this for some reason but a lot of frames in there look pretty good (they changed the eyes for some reason which will be a pain but it's more than worth it).
    I'm not sure I like the ball sprites so much unfortunately...I think I want to keep the spirit of Mecha's rolled up form (which is more detailed). I'll comb through this and see how I can improve my skin (edit: or ill just steal renexs idea and make a sonic skin)
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  16. renex
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    anyway i forgot to post the update here so here's the update

    Sonic Boll Classic 1.7.0

    > Blog Post With Download Link <

    * Sonic Boll Classic v1.7.0 - Changes since v1.6.2                          *
    [Known Issues]
    - disconnecting gamepads makes the game sluggish
    - you can't change screen mode while the game is paused
    - you can't pause with gamepads
    - skipping replays causes desyncs with ingame death or different lives number
    - trying to skip the last stage in a replay crashes the game
    * added a better font
    * added worlds 3, 4, 5 and 6
    * added more Mario animations and poses
    * added swimming Tails sprites by Valo
    * added parallax factor options to skin backgrounds
    * added different music for beating a castle
    * added optional athletic stage music (X-3 stages)
    * added two easter eggs
    * added a new multiplayer results screen
    * added a final results screen with a graph
    * added a replay preview and choose screen
    * added pipe and victory sprites for everyone
    * added a separate small castle to the master sheet
    * added coin glitter and kick particles
    * added the ability to use animated brick sprites
    * added credits information to skin data
    * added better tiling for coin heaven and water tiles
    * fixed palette and positioning issues on the base skins
    * changed powerup sfx to be optional and part of the world skin
    * changed energy diamonds to blue to avoid confusion
    [Bugs fixed]
    * fixed a bug with the mouse cursor when pointing at the world skin box
    * fixed a bug with hurry up jingle and background changes
    * fixed an oversight with hurry up jingle length causing silent music
    * fixed Mario's horizontal water acceleration being reversed
    * fixed Knuckles getting up and spindashing on accident
    * fixed issues with the castle camera near the axe
    * fixed moving platform placement in all levels
    * fixed purple and glitchy lines appearing ingame
    * fixed ground pound invincibility frames
    * fixed ground pound breaking bricks too fast
    * fixed an out of bounds bug with pit death in 4-2 after warp in multiplayer
    * fixed pulley platform collision issues
    * fixed the score values of some enemies
    * fixed numerous multiplayer respawn bugs related to time-up death
    * fixed castle brick particles
    * fixed issues with player-thrown fireballs
    * fixed item drops going through blocks
    * fixed camera shaking while standing on moving platforms
    * fixed knuckles not climbing moving platforms
    * fixed a bug when spinning into knuckles' fireballs
    * fixed warp zones, "world v-e" bug and added warp zone and hud text to skin
    * fixed the pause screen making the game unresponsive
    * fixed a bug with wall ejection causing players to get stuck
    * fixed a bug where fire flowers gave two powerups in single player
    * fixed checkpoint placement in all levels
    * fixed a rare bug when being hit by a block bump while going through a pipe
    * fixed a rare bug when being killed while climbing a vine
    * fixed a crash related to attract mode loading when there are no replays
    * fixed tails flight energy exploit in water levels
    * fixed players hitting blocks during knockback trajectory
    * fixed being able to confirm certain screens more than once, causing bugs
    * fixed several problems with safe respawn coordinate calculation
    * fixed dropped items not responding to moving platforms or wall collisions
    * fixed difficulties when rolling on blocks to hit them
    * fixed an issue with hat-stomping enemies and then getting hit
    * fixed an old collision bug with ground pound on boxes
    * fixed map skins loading too slowly on stage selection
    * fixed window alignment in multiplayer games
    * fixed an oversight with fireball despawning range
    * fixed a bug related to holding keyboard keys during stage start
    * fixed a crash related to koopas and beetles waking up
    * fixed sounds sometimes missing when playing with skins
    * fixed a crash when playing a second game with less players than last time
    * fixed a minor bug with the window closing animation
    * fixed the 3 player scoring screen not fitting the display correctly
    * fixed random events not being identical during movie playback
    * fixed collision with flying cheeps and bullet bills
    * fixed several enemies' death animations
    [Code and Design]
    * added Mecha Sonic as a playable character
    * added option to click the same character again to cycle skins
    * added right mouse click as the keyboard cursor's b button
    * added b button to choose skins in reverse when pointing at the box
    * added spin jump (up+jump) and twirl (air jump) to Mario
    * added a cpu bot (only for Mecha Sonic)
    * added invincibility when leaving the coin heaven in multiplayer
    * added the ability to cancel a ground pound by pressing up
    * added a new punch move to Knuckles
    * added massive improvements to the Mecha Sonic AI compared to 1.1.9
    * added Hammer Bros.
    * added stage selection modes
    * added some attack power to mini tails and knuckles flying
    * added Lakitu and Spinies
    * changed water to feel less thicc
    * changed collision engine to something noticeably faster
    * changed fake bowser to get hit by fireballs and attacks
    * changed frags to count landed hits and not kills
    * changed multiplayer death to drop more coins
    * changed multiplayer coin drops so you can collect while they're bouncing
    * changed respawn and flashing times in multiplayer
    * changed item drops to fall down from the coin heaven
    * changed intermission screen with useful tas controls when recording
    * changed vine climbing so you can control it to an extent
    * changed the way enemies stop offscreen to prevent weird teleporting
    * changed knuckles' gliding to be more smooth and enjoyable
    * changed Mecha Sonic a lot to be fair against the current roster
    * changed some mario movement parameters for consistency and fluidity
    * changed Mario to shrink when hit instead of receiving knockback
    * changed attack power levels for more balanced multiplayer fights
    * changed vertical platforms to move more accurately
    * changed multiplayer item drops to be collectible only when not flashing
    * Changed most screens to be more intuitive
    [Engine Technology]
    * added technology to skip entire stages while watching replays
    * added attract mode when idling on the title screen picked from your replays
    * changed to FMODex for sound effects to solve problems and add features
    * changed input handling entirely to make controllers easier to use
    * changed replay format to reduce chance of future issues and improve syncing
    * changed screen handling for better pixel aspect and also fixing intel blur
    * changed F11 to cycle between fullscreen, x1 and x2 window modes
    * changed alt-enter to cycle between fullscreen and current window mode
    * removed movie compression for faster loading and saving
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