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left db facts and bullshit

Discussion in 'Silly Things' started by DataBase, 23 Dec 2014.

  1. DataBase licensed meme machine

    looks complicated
    murrica's FOIL is a lot easier

    anyway move math shit to off-topic plz
    back to your regularly scheduled left dbs
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  2. Faruga yo biatch git 2 it
    we gotta fix dis shit

    is it weiner or wiener
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  3. Bloo gaaaayyyy

    weener is how thay spell it when thay talk. also, no matter what they're saying (vocally) its always spelled incorrectly. heres a quote, so you get wat im sayin : "HAY MN ASC MII UBUT MI WEENER?"
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  4. DataBase licensed meme machine

    yo guys i came up with a smash 4 moveset for left db
    spoiler because it is LOOOOOOONG

    Intro Animation: left db bursts from his underground weed closet.

    A,A,A: bitchslaps that do very little damage, but the third one has very good knockback.

    <>A: left db trips. the end.
    ^A: left db kicks an enemy in the balls. hard. even if they don't have balls. is a really good kill move.
    vA: left db spins around on his ass.
    Dash Attack: left db jumps while screaming "PENIS" and his clothes just come off for no reason. clothes reappear shortly after the dash attack.

    <>Smash: left db pulls a sponge and brandishes it while yelling "YOU'LL NEVER BE CLEAN"
    ^Smash: left db puts on purple pants, making him explode. the explosion does not hurt left db.
    vSmash: left db starts headbanging, drilling the area around him. any nearby fighters will get buried.

    Neutral Air:

    <Air: left db tries to hit people behind him with his ass.
    >Air: left db fails at knee of justice and trips in mid-air.
    ^Air: left db noscopes any enemies that are directly above him.
    vAir: left db pulls out a bronado and thrusts downward with it. has a meteor effect.

    Floor Attack: left db explodes, which boosts him upward a little and back onto his feet
    Ledge Attack: left db flips over the edge, burying anyone in his way for a brief moment.

    Grab: left db uses his toilet paper gun to try and grab an enemy.
    Pummel: left db bitchslaps the enemy.
    >Throw: left db runs with the enemy for a bit, then trips while holding them.
    <Throw: left db pulls out a radio and blasts shitty dubstep at the enemy, launching them backwards.
    ^Throw: left db pulls the fighter upward while flying, then slams them downward.
    vThrow: oops, left db dropped you. have fun. enemy is put into a footstool state if thrown off the edge.

    B1: Weed Buster: fires a weed leaf that grows bigger and more powerful as it gains distance.
    B2: Toilet Paper Gun: a rapid fire attack that shoots out toilet paper.
    B3: Crystal Fuckin' Weed: the weed buster now freezes enemies

    <>B1: Left DB Wallet: left db pulls another left db out of his wallet, which is then thrown similarly to olimar's pikmin. except useful.
    <>B2: Wallet Throw: left db throws his wallet, and three left dbs will jump out two seconds after hitting the ground.
    <>B3: Exploding Left DBs: the left dbs thrown have less range, but they explode.

    ^B1: Pelvic Thrusting: left db begins pelvic thrusting to fly, and deals minor damage to enemies on the way up. left db can move around while flying.
    ^B2: Rocket Thrusting: the move starts with an explosion, and the flight is replaced by a jump that delivers a single powerful hit.
    ^B3: Big Weed: the pelvic thrust deals more knockback, and left db has super armor at the beginning of the flight. however, the flight does not last as long.

    vB1: Coke Bottle: left db shits a coke bottle that can be picked up as an item. throwing the coke bottle enough times will make the bottle explode. the coke bottle has a meteor effect when it explodes.
    vB2: Mentos Coke Bottle: the coke bottle explodes shortly after being shat out.
    vB3: Taco Bell: no coke bottle comes out, but left db takes an explosive shit. yes, the explosion hurts left db.

    Final Smash: ASK ME ABOUT MY WIENER: left db puts on a hot dog suit that renders him invincible, then makes everyone ask him about his wiener. since the voice actors didn't expect left db to happen, there's no voice clips of anyone asking him about his wiener. this means that nobody can ask him about his wiener, so everyone within a short range of left db will be stunned, then beaten to death by the left db. and we mean it. if the final smash succeeds, it's a guaranteed ko. however, there is a very short range to the final smash. if nobody is within that range, the final smash will fail. we were going to do landmaster, but left db exploded when we tried putting him in one.

    Taunt 1: left db pours and drinks a glass of doritos.
    Taunt 2: left db's face vanishes for a brief moment, after which he yells "THEY TOOK MY FACE." his face then reappears.
    Taunt 3: left db looks toward the screen with a shit-eating grin for a second.
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  5. Meg Cheesemeister

    every one out of 4,206,9 left DBs produced per hour are born with some of the DNA of a koopa paratroopa
    thus forming this monstrosity

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  6. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    no no you're wrong

    they can be born with some of the DNA of anything

    even things that lack DNA, somehow

    oh that's not how numbers
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  7. doom Purple Heart is my
    Waifu Heart

    that's not how numbers work.
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  8. repairmanman Cruisin' for a ruisin'

    Bronado art: luck; occaisonally makes left db hit for many times the regular amount of damage
    60%of the time it works 100% of the time
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  9. DataBase licensed meme machine

    thread's cancelled guys
    making a wiki page right now
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  10. Oliver completely darkness

  11. DataBase licensed meme machine

    how does an air horn attack you
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  12. DataBase licensed meme machine

  13. DataBase licensed meme machine

    left dbs are really good at surfing
    thing is, it's not real surfing
    it just involves a turtle shell and a fuckton of snow
    so i guess it's technically snowboarding?
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