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    I've seen multiple sizes on the same voltage, so I don't think you can distinguish voltage just by looking at the hole (could be wrong though , I really don't know)
    also does it show what the polarity is anywhere on it? (bellow is what polarity symbols look like
    have you tried looking up whatever the device is online. a lot of PDF's exist for TV's, refrigerators, ovens and other, who knows whatever that is might be on some website with the correct voltage and amperage needed.
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    just get a package with all of the major brands

    ones bound to fit
  3. What's the difference between a Pokedex and a spandex?
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    Nvm, I found it in a tub. Thank you very much!
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    one is a digital index of monsters you've come across, kind of like a bestiary, and Spandex is polyurethane fabric, sometimes fashioned into clothing.

    they are very different it seems.
  6. True answer: four letters.
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    the way I see it is, they're both the true answer.
  8. Maybe one is true-er than the other. And maybe midgets were once powerful giants who were cursed by an evil witch, because they didn't want to sleep with her. It's on the internet, so it must be true.
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    I want to play a game on my wii U, I want it to be a game where you look for hidden things, should I play a metroid game, or should I play yoshi's woolly world? I have 3 metroid games, metroid 3, metroid 4, and metroid zero mission. I've 100% all of the metroid games, but I have a bad memory. I've been wanting to play one of these games for 4 days now. but I'm being stupid. so I leave it to the community. what game should I play on the wii U? (of the 4 I gave option to)

    Edit: to make things simple first to answer is the correct answer.
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    zero mission
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    thanks it almost went to 5 days of indecision. sometimes when it comes to "unimportant stuff", I find myself spending ungodly amounts of time thinking about it. like when I first played kingdom hearts and you have to pick the shield, sword, or wand. i spent about 4 hours thinking about it.