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Current Thoughts+

Discussion in 'Current Thoughts' started by Koari, 21 Nov 2014.

  1. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    even though the forum is dead af i will never forget that i was fucking shining
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  3. Alice enjoyee your lifetime

    harrison ford wus a replicant
  4. Bullshit!!! Which lie do you want to tell us all next? That Bruce Willis was dead all along??? Yeah... right...
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  5. savedArt kyoo

    I'm going to try a hard mode, I tried survival and normal, it's about time I try some other difficulties.

  6. The dudes at Netherrealm know what the fuck they're doing. Kudos.
  7. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    came out as trans publicly, on facebook and to my mom. Next is work? Then, I guess school, but that's less important. It's exciting!
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  8. i just joined today, a month before the site goes down, because we were doing funny memes in the discord voice chat.
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  9. DataBase licensed meme machine

    quality shitpost
  10. Nat ( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)

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  11. What did I do? I don't know.