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  2. Very, very interesting... I didn't know about all this until now. 2.3 trillion??? Holy fuck...

    If anyone was wondering up until this point what would lead a government-banks-corporations goulash to allegedly kill so many innocent people... I'm pretty sure 2.3 trillion dollars stolen from years of military budget would. Wow... this is crazy... and the press conference for this was on September 10th 2001??? Damn... after that 9/11 "happened" and by "coincidence" the buildings where the required data for the investigation were supposed to be found were destroyed and this story was just hushed up. Honestly... if it's true, I'm not in any way surprised they did what they did. Being involved in an unprecedented scandal from which 2.3 trillion dollars were stolen? That probably would've been life sentences for all the main people involved PLUS less military spending. They couldn't let that happen. Crazy...

    Update: Hey, how about more stolen money

    different source?
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    btw. just thought I'd share I'm keeping it incase this is some how repairable, I might not be able to fix it currently, but who knows. maybe I'll get better at this shit and actually start to understand it. and how to fix it. if not, it will be a trophy of "that time I fucked up"
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    xenomorph anus is bleeding?
  5. The title of the painting is "The Fate of the Animals".
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  6. World TwitchRPG

    riot will always rig the queue so the other smurf is always laning against me

    why you motherfuckers

    also why are champions so expensive still i have my smurf is lvl 18 and i have 2 champions

    2 fucking champions

    draft pick requires 20 champions to play

    maybe by the end of the century i'll unlock that without buying rp you fucking mercenaries
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  8. World TwitchRPG

  9. mitsyhyers777 Peachy Princess

    There is a spy among y'all in Discord... Lol

    I still love y'all but my friends I am pre op I appreciate the compliment on my voice and appearance but I still got the D.

    My actions I already knew annoyed some of y'all and at times annoyed y'all but I've made it to better myself over time.
    I freaked out over this site closing cause as much pain I've experienced here whether it was me or whatever that caused it I have fond memories of most if not all of y'all.
    My pin up signature I would have removed if anyone would have kindly asked.
    But hey I just overall will miss y'all guys and any of y'all on Facebook can still add me Mitsy Maria McKenzie.
    But if not it's ok I have no hard feelings and y'all have been an important part of my life thank you for that.

  10. hi, i'm not dead anymore

    but this site certainly is
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  11. World TwitchRPG

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    This guy is a fucking retard

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    Mega Man X Corrupted looks like ass too me.