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  1. Alice enjoyee your lifetime

    lmoa this can't be real, laughed out loud and stopped watching at "take it / refuse" option

    Jeez this is the TRAILER, how bad and uncanny is the game itself going to be
  2. Alice enjoyee your lifetime

    First of all; Shonna talk to your brother. He'll tell you the truth about what happened to your husband. I told Bubba to tell you what happened. Now, my statement to the world: I am in the midst of truth. I am good, I am straight, don't trip. To all my partners, tell them I said like Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back." These eyes will close, but they will be opened again, my understanding of God is, Jesus has got me through. To my family, I love ya'll.
  3. savedArt kyoo

    I've been tracking my Fedex package, and so far it's gone 2 states in the wrong direction..... WHAT!? I wonder if they didn't have everything at a warehouse and had to go to headquarters to pick it up? I just looked it up on google and the state Fedex drove to, is where the company headquarter is located. so yeah I'm thinking they didn't have everything I ordered and had to get it from the base.
  4. "Is that fucker tracking his package? Hey, how about this, lets drive 2 states in the wrong direction to make him wonder why we're doing that, who knows, he might even write a fucking post about it somewhere on the internet."
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  5. savedArt kyoo

    hahah yeah, probably, but thankfully they're driving the correct direction today.
  6. savedArt kyoo

  7. Alice enjoyee your lifetime

  8. savedArt kyoo

    @Alice what did I just read (I clicked on your link) it's one of those odd times where I read everything on the page top to bottom and instead of feeling informed, I felt more confused .
  9. savedArt kyoo

    sometimes the sound of carbonated water in a tin can drives me insane to the point where I down (chug) the entire content of the can just to stop the sound. anyone I share this with, says they weren't aware that it made it sound. but to me. it's just one of those faint noises I can't not hear. I often hear very faint sounds that nobody else seems to notice and I always seem to get annoyed by them.
  10. repairmanman Cruisin' for a ruisin'

  11. savedArt kyoo

    no idea what that was or what it was from, but it made me laugh, so thanks for making me laugh.
  12. savedArt kyoo

    holy fuck, I was just at the youtube youtube livestream and the chat was going lightning fast. and ... I guess that's normal, but then I realized, it was set to slow mode. did people find out how to make rapid post happen even while in slow mode?
  13. Da Wolfen just chillin'

    Today I turned 17 and it suddenly hit me that I am now at the age I will be graduating high school from

    Life goes by fast
  14. Alice enjoyee your lifetime

  15. Alice enjoyee your lifetime

    samus returns
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  16. savedArt kyoo

    I now have 3 times the net speed and it's 20 dollars less, finally we got out of that shit 2 year contract.
  17. savedArt kyoo

    I'm thinking about writing a blog about how amazon is complete shit now, now that their sellers are scum fucks. if they aren't selling you bogus no name products or sending you knock off bullshit products. their selling you name brand products at hyper inflated prices. I'm talking sometimes more than 10 times the items worth, and even at those hyper inflated prices, people are reporting getting bogus or broken products. so they payed tons of money for something that is fraudulent. Amazon used to be a great place, fuck it used to be, if it was on amazon, you'd know you got it for a good price and that you were getting quality. but THAT IS NO LONGER THE CASE!. it seems the scammers found a new home. and Amazon is ill-prepared to handle them.

    if only I wasn't so lazy. I'd write that blog.
  18. Alice enjoyee your lifetime

  19. doom Purple Heart is my
    Waifu Heart

  20. savedArt kyoo

    possibly one of the best David Bowie songs. (opinion)
  21. savedArt kyoo

    the day a PC gets rid of the ability to completely modify the OS and it's programs, will be the day I stop owning computers.
  22. savedArt kyoo

    today is a positive day. I communicated with my Ex-wife, I just realized my new internet speed is so fast I can watch youtube at 1080p60FPS AND download game updates at steam at the same time. it used to be, I could either update my games on steam, or watch youtube. not both. heck I couldn't even watch videos on 480p if I updated a game on steam on my old speeds. but now! also I have a bag of capacitors, resistors and other awesome stuff coming to me today, according to the tracking page, my package is 2 cities away. so much hype for today.