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Current Thoughts+

Discussion in 'Current Thoughts' started by Koari, 21 Nov 2014.

  1. Koari MEN

  2. Dinospy DANK SOULS

  3. renex
    Tyrannical Overlord

    i should sleep
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  4. CowboyJoseph64 Mighty Member 9


    oh well. :p

    Edit: please tell me you're gonna change those smilies. :/
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  5. renex
    Tyrannical Overlord

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    aww yiss
  7. Koari MEN

    No, the thread needed to be back with its creator.
  8. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    but weren't we going to go with current thoughts 65..?
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  9. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    New forums, new start, it's all good
  10. renex
    Tyrannical Overlord


    good night
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  11. old avatar is old
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  12. Ryuza Pixelator

    New avatar is new.
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  13. CowboyJoseph64 Mighty Member 9

    finally done with this avy it took awhile to manually recolor every pixel so the title screen bore the New Game Plus color scheme.
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  14. Pika Hot Winds! Hurricane!

    that could have gone a lot quicker with paint.net
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  15. CowboyJoseph64 Mighty Member 9

    oh shut up i even took from genesis sprites to make sure it was from the pallete...
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  16. I bought ArrowChat, Ryuza's putting it on the site. Soon we will have in-site chat once again!
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  17. Dinospy DANK SOULS

    I want to cry I'm so happy about ng+

    Also, the site has excellent mobile support, loads fast and is easy to navigate. :)
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  18. CowboyJoseph64 Mighty Member 9

    wow this'll be a better place than ER even. Also I posted a thread in ER to let everyone know that they can register and post here now.
  19. Thanks CJ! Viva la Plus!
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  20. Nat ( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)( •ᴗ•)

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  21. any chance of popping in a group room? i'd love to have that skype superchat experience
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  22. Jo The Manliest Man In About A 500 Mile Radius

    can i be ct mod yet

    i want my title changing back
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  23. CowboyJoseph64 Mighty Member 9

    exactly, this is why i wanted joooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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  24. DJBadbeatz Dual Class

    Alright let's get this over with...

    Yes, Ratking is posting here despite his awful parting words. Shame me if you must, I deserve it for posting after my numerous exits.

    I have a number of ideological differences with many of the people who were and are in charge of running both the ER and NG+ versions of this community; I've never made an attempt to hide that, and it's not a bad thing. Sometimes people have different morals and values, and when people are committed as strongly to their beliefs as myself and my, for want of a better word, adversaries, it's hard for there to not be tension and drama. The many times I left, I thought I was doing the community a favor; I was leaving because my presence and desire to protect what I feel is fair made it impossible for there to be peace. With my last exit, it kind of occurred to me that I really just didn't want to be a part of a community where I felt my opinions and rights were outright dismissed. Whether or not they actually were is a matter of debate, but I felt that way and that's what motivated my storming out.

    Bear in mind, I'm not retracting anything I said. I am willing to admit that a lot of it can be chalked up to personal opinion rather than hard fact, but I legitimately believe everything I said. And I still carry those feelings. But this is a new place, and even if it's the same people with the same dynamic, sometimes a change of scenery can work wonders.

    Besides, even if it's just as a figurehead, Ganymede is at the helm now. I trust her implicitly to make sure justice is done, and if I disagree with her justice I can know beyond a doubt that it was a difference of morals, and not that I was treated unfairly.

    I'm not returning. I still have too much anger at my past here. But I'm gonna keep an eye out, see how things go. Maybe I can find a home here again, maybe this is the last you'll hear of me.

    Here's hoping that any decisions made are for the best. Cheers.
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  25. I actually want to use @Ratking as a jumping-off point for a larger sentiment:

    We all have a very storied, sometimes rocky past, and I want very much to try to leave that behind us. This is a fresh start for all members, and I think it's a good chance to rise from the ashes of our former explosions and move forward together. Some permanent bans from ER will still be in effect, but beyond that this truly is a New Game Plus. We keep the skills we gained and the things we've learned, and some files and avatars and signatures we collected along the way, but we're starting from square one. Also you keep your money. But the enemies are harder. This analogy is dead now.
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