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America and Democracy

Discussion in 'On-Topic' started by Improvement, 24 Nov 2014.

  1. Will be updated soon.
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  2. savedArt kyoo

    that's it in a nutshell : 3
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  3. Cory Baxter Pretty bad troll

    ooh i love democracy! Except i'm the only political party in my country!
  4. A Timeline of Crimes against Humanity

    1890s - American Indian Wars, "Manifest Destiny"

    1920(?)-1970s(?) - US intervention in Chile

    1929-1940s - Great Depression

    1930s - Military Industrial Complex 1, Military Industrial Complex 2, Military Industrial Complex 3

    1932-1972 - Tuskegee syphilis experiment

    1933 - Business plot

    1940s - How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor

    1945-1967 - Vietnam War, Operation Ranch Hand, Daniel Ellsberg about Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers

    1946-1948 - Guatemala syphilis experiment

    1950s-1970s - Operation Mockingbird - CIA campaign to influence media

    1950s-1973 - Project MK Ultra, other unethical human experiments in the US

    1953 - Iranian coup d'état

    1956-1971 - COINTELPRO

    1958 - Project A119

    1962 - Operation Northwoods

    1970 - Watergate scandal

    1970s - secret wars of the CIA

    1970s-ongoing(?) - CIA drug-trafficking

    1973 - Prison Industrial Complex, prison industry

    1979-1989 - Operation Cyclone

    1985-1987 - Iran-Contra affair

    1990 - Nayrah testimony

    1991-1999 - US involvement in the Yugoslav Wars, Michael Parenti on imperialism, wars, crisis, politics and bailouts

    2000s - US war plan against 7 countries 1, US war plan against 7 countries 2

    since 2001, ongoing - Covert Drone Wars

    2006 - Operation Olympic Games

    since 2007 - PRISM - World surveillance program, more news and articles on the subject

    to be updated...


    also important:

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  8. Very, very interesting... I didn't know about all this until now. 2.3 trillion??? Holy fuck...

    If anyone was wondering up until this point what would lead a government-banks-corporations goulash to allegedly kill so many innocent people... I'm pretty sure 2.3 trillion dollars stolen from years of military budget would. Wow... this is crazy... and the press conference for this was on September 10th 2001??? Damn... after that 9/11 "happened" and by "coincidence" the buildings where the required data for the investigation were supposed to be found were destroyed and this story was just hushed up. Honestly... if it's true, I'm not in any way surprised they did what they did. Being involved in an unprecedented scandal from which 2.3 trillion dollars were stolen? That probably would've been life sentences for all the main people involved PLUS less military spending. They couldn't let that happen. Crazy...
  9. savedArt kyoo

    I'm going to miss all this when it's gone, I can't say I agree with much of the content on here, but it's nice to know how others interpret things. I like knowing how different others think of things. I find more value in polite disagreements than I do in shared values or point of a views.
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