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  1. Bloo
    Stale Cunt. :(
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  2. Da Wolfen
    Da Wolfen
    Having fun in the summertime
  3. Bloo
    fresh cuntâ„¢
  4. Nat
  5. Jo
    Jo Pika
    you changed the avatar but didn't do anything about the title

    i just imagine the cybuster getting defeated, and then they unmask the pilot to reveal it's not actually masaki
    it's axel but with a mustache

    and he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids
    1. Pika
      well shit

      now i'm definitely not changing the title.
      11 May 2017
  6. Nat
    1. Abraham Lincoln
      Abraham Lincoln
      6 May 2017
  7. Shotobros
    Shotobros silica_jail
    oh. faggotry. neat.
    1. silica_jail
      The pot calls the kettle black tbh
      11 May 2017
    2. Shotobros
      flattery will get you nowhere.
      12 May 2017
  8. renex
    renex silica_jail
    hello adil
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    2. Abraham Lincoln
      Abraham Lincoln
      p l o t t w i s t
      30 Apr 2017
  9. Pika
    Pika silica_jail
    fuck off VS
  10. Abraham Lincoln
  11. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln RK1Gaming
    Whomst are you, good sir?
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  12. savedArt
    I'm a gigantic dick.
  13. PillsForMental
    PillsForMental doom
    Would you like to play Melty Blood with me?
    1. Improvement
      Melty Blood is awesome. Alice plays it too I think.
      1 Apr 2017
  14. savedArt
    tolerance isn't the same as acceptance, I can tolerate blind hate, but I don't accept it. you can hate, I won't make you loose your job.
  15. Shining_Yoshi
    learning to draw?
  16. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln RainbowSparkle91
    hey, do you have a discord, man? i wanna talk to you.
  17. Jo
    i'm in the unique position where i'm old and my body is showing signs of age but my will is unbreakable
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    2. savedArt
      your brain will catch up when you start forgetting shit. congratulations on surviving long enough to feel your age. you'll continue to fill it till you die. exorcise is key though. start doing it if you haven't.
      10 Mar 2017
    3. Jo
      i've always been exercising, day in day out

      even when i don't do much one day, i still get up to do at least one thing
      i've adjusted my diet accordingly and stuck to it almost religiously for years now

      the only days i spend where i don't get any physical activity whatsoever are when i'm sick to the point i can't move
      12 Mar 2017
    4. Jo
      i also quit drinking a few months ago so i've been feeling better since, actually.

      i think it''s gonna be a long time until i start actually falling apart, but my bones are gonna get stiff and it'll be a downhill spiral from here on
      12 Mar 2017
  18. savedArt
    You are Mario! It's up to you to save the Mushroom People from the black magic of the Koopa.
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    2. Faruga
      whoops looks like i've got work to do
      7 Mar 2017
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  19. Jo
    you ever just wake up and feel like complete garbage even though you haven't moved yet
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    2. French Rocks
      French Rocks
      Welcome to Mondays
      3 Mar 2017
    3. renex
      nah, usually 2 seconds after i move up until the point at which i fall asleep 18 hours later
      3 Mar 2017
    4. Threxx
      every fucking day
      3 Mar 2017
  20. Pika
    Pika BunBun299
    kill yourself
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    2. Improvement
      Clearly cool and intelligent enough to not risk pushing a potentially depressed person over the edge with a totally unnecessary and negative request to kill himself.
      10 Mar 2017
    3. Pika
      i'm truly sorry i'm not a shining beacon of purity in your vision
      10 Mar 2017
    4. Abraham Lincoln
      Abraham Lincoln
      ahahahahaha oh my god
      i'll just say bunbun hasn't even visited since he last posted, so i don't think he even cares
      10 Mar 2017
  21. DataBase
    DataBase BunBun299
    bye bye thot
  22. doom
    doom BunBun299
    at least you had the balls to actually say fuck you.

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    2. DataBase
      to this day, they say it was the only thing he had the balls to do
      1 Mar 2017
    3. doom
      dont be an asshole.
      3 Mar 2017
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  23. Shotobros
    Shotobros RainbowSparkle91
    And Adios to you, you cunt.
  24. Shotobros
    Shotobros Anna Kimly
    Goodbye you vague individual you.
  25. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln BunBun299