why I never found Aeris (Aerith) death to be sad

Blog entry posted by savedArt, 23 Jul 2017.

I meditated one this after watching a speedrun of Final Fantasy 7.

my answer is, because by that point in the game. way sadder things have already happened.

you blew up a power plant and killed a bunch of innocent people. the story of Aeris adopted mother loosing her husband (almost made me cry first time I played the game, and it still makes me at least a little sad when I play it). Sector 7 plate falling down, killing tons of innocent people, just to gain political support:angry:. a man (Dyne) went crazy thinking his entire family was killed and he had nothing to live for, went kind of insane and became a murderer, later found out his daughter was still alive, felt too soiled with his murders and as a result committed suicide. all these things I find WAY more devastating and they all happened before aerith died. so I was numbed to sadness, by having far worse things happen first.

I don't think I've ever been able to feel sadness for aerith after she died. and I don't think i ever will.

But I still have my emotional heart strings pulled when all those stuff before she died. heck every time sector 7 collapse and it zooms out from president Shinra watching it. I get ANGRY! and I'm happy when a Jenova Sephiroth ghost kills him. I can't feel sad for Aerith, not even after I played Crisis Core, even though it made me like her as a character ( I never really liked her, my first time playing. but I liked her a lot more after playing crisis core)

heck. I feel more emotion during Cid's back story where he canceled his flight to save his female non-wife housemates (Shera) life, more emotional feeling to me than Aerith's death.
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